Beijng Summer Camp
Zhang Ying developed the idea of the summer camp to Beijing when she noticed that the majority of AOS children have never been outside of their villages, let alone the nation's capital city. She wanted to give them a broader understanding of society, and expose them to the unlimited cultural and intellectual resources in Beijing. Taking children to Beijing and other cities helps broaden the children's world-view, deepen their knowledge of society, and broaden their geographic understanding. Every summer, a long trip is planned to Beijing. The children are selected on a rotating basis. During the course of the trip AOS organizes exchange activities between AOS children and university students. AOS children also get to visit many famous places in Beijing such as the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Great Wall and the Beijing Aquarium. The trip encourages the children to broaden their horizons and to learn how to interact with people from all walks of life, helping to develope the children's social skills and develops their self-confidence.
Fuyang Summer Camp
The Fuyang Summer camp is initiated every year by students/volunteers from numerous universities both in China and from abroad. The activities during the summer camp vary from year to year depending on the plans of the volunteers. Most of the volunteers come in groups and set up a complete schedule of activities for the children. Activities include, teaching the children art (paper cutting, music, drawing), taking them to parks, sports, and self-confidence building activities.
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