Fuyang Aids Orphan Salvation Association  VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES
Every year volunteers from all over the world and all over China volunteer at AOS. Sometimes volunteers come in groups and sometimes they come alone. Because of the increase in the amount of students looking to volunteer at AOS, we have created the following guidelines for volunteer work. At AOS, we recognize the importance of volunteer work and community service. We hope to get a chance to work with all interested individuals that wish to spend time helping AOS and our children.
Guidelines and Requirements for Volunteers
1.   Basic understanding of Chinese language, culture and society
2.   Good understand of the work of AOS
3.   Volunteers must come up with a project proposal that details the reasons why want to work at AOS, how they will spend their time at AOS, what they want to accomplish at AOS, how their volunteer work will help AOS, how AOS can help them realize some of their goals, time frame of stay, and a day to day work write up. The proposal should be sent to AOS and approved by AOS ahead of time.
* Volunteers must be sensitive to the needs of the organization and the staff.  Proposals will be tailored according to the needs of the organization.
4.   Individual volunteers should commit to work at AOS for at least 1 month.
5.   Volunteers must be patient and should try to understand the local culture and social norms without projecting their needs and ideas.
Volunteers must be able to pay for their own accommodation, transportation, food, and other miscellaneous costs. AOS will help volunteers organize a place to stay according to the fiancial limits of the volunteers
Working at AOS
For individual volunteer's a typical work day is from Monday 8:30am to 6:00pm (with a break from 12:00pm -2:00pm) to Saturday. Some of the work that volunteers might be required to do is teaching (English, Art, Music and depending on your level of Chinese other subjects) to not only the HIV+ orphans, but also AOS staff. Because part of your work will involve teaching of some sort, brushing up on your teaching abilities, especially in English, with be an important contribution to your work here.
Volunteers that come in groups often come in the summer when the AOS children are not in school. Some of our most successful groups, namely Tsinghua University students, have come with pre-planned activities, and all the materials that they need to implement their activities. Because the staff at AOS are often busy, the less that the staff have to supervise and worry about the volunteers, the better.  
Please write to us at faaids@faaids.com
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