Fuyang Aids Orphan Salvation Association  Meghan Cochran " I began working with..."

I began working with AOS during a semester of study abroad in my undergraduate years. While studying in Beijing, my roommate introduced me to Zhang Ying, director of AOS, as well as the mission of AOS and its role in the AIDS community in China. I traveled to Fuyang to see AOS in operation, and was impressed at the quality of healthcare, emotional support, and physical support programs that AOS provides to children affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. I decided that year that I would begin supporting AOS thorough awareness and fundraiser programs when I returned to the States.

Working on fundraising and awareness for AOS has been very rewarding. Not only have I had the opportunity to support a great cause that has impacted the lives of hundreds of children, I have also grown in my understanding of AIDS related issues internationally.


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