Fuyang Aids Orphan Salvation Association  THE HUANG CHILDREN
Huang Jinhong, Huang Xinmei, and Huang Xinlei's parents died of HIV/AIDS. The two sisters and brother Huang Jinhong live with their grandmother. Facing deep stigma and social isolation in school, the Huang children struggled to do well in school amidst poverty and discrimination. The Huang sisters, Huang Xinmei, and Huang Xinlei achieved exceptionally high marks at their local village schools, and wanted to advance their education by getting into a good high school. The best high schools are found in Fuyang city, but are costly and the children could not afford it especially without parental support. Zhang Ying knew immediately that she needed to help them finance their education. She contacted a high school in Fuyang city, made good connections with the principal, and gave the children full financial support to attend the boarding school. The brother Huang Jinhong is currently attending technical school. He was unable to get into high school, and so director Zhang Ying helped place him in a technical school that focuses on computer technology.  
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