AOS started to support Zhang Xian Wei when he was just 14. Now Zhang Xian Wei is 19 and is working as a staff member at the AOS office.  " If there wasn't AOS I wouldn't be the same today. I would never get a chance to learn computer technology in technical school or find work after at the AOS office." Zhang Xian Wei's parents both have HIV/AIDS and got it through selling blood. In 2005, Zang Xian's Brother died from a malfunctioning electricity pole. That was one of the most painful times in his life. Today, Zhang Xian's parents are in good health, and are less worried about their son knowing that he comes to work everyday at the AOS office.  In the future Zhang Xian Wei wants to live close to home, live on his own, and raise some animals. This is a picture that was taken of him while he was in school in Shanghai. He is very creative and has his own blog.


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